Bali Marine

When it comes to choosing a suitable protective coating system for your theme park’s concrete tanks, it is important to ensure that the materials chosen are reliable & durable. Otherwise, the future maintenance works would be tedious & costly, and the downtime would translate to a loss in revenue. This is especially true for Bali Marine water park, who has constructed large concrete tanks as homes for their marine mammals, including dolphins, sharks, and so on.

For this project, Dritech Chemicals has recommended the use of Dri-Gard UV 920 as a protective coating over the polyurea waterproofing for each concrete tank. Dri-Gard UV 920 is a high performance coloured, UV-resistant and durable aliphatic polyurethane protective coating, and bonds well to polyurea. It not only protects the aromatic polyurea waterproofing from UV exposure, it is also able to be tinted to custom colours based on the architect’s design requirements. Dri-Gard UV 920 is also non-toxic, making it safe for marine mammals to come into contact with it.

Bali Marine - Dritech Chemicals
Dritech Chemicals has supplied protective coating materials for Bali Marine in Indonesia.
Dri-Gard UV920 - Beige - Bali Marine
Custom beige colour for Dri-Gard UV 920 for the concrete tanks as specified by the project’s architect.
Dri-Gard UV 920 - blue - Bali Marine
Dri-Gard UV 920 was also supplied in a custom blue colour, and was applied onto concrete tanks which are to be inhabited by Bali Marine’s marine mammals.

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