Carsome – Melaka Inspection Centre

Floorkote 500 (a.k.a. Dri-Floor EP 500 ) is an epoxy flooring that allows for unlimited design possibilities. For the Carsome inspection centre at Melaka, the floor was coated in grey and a bright yellow that resembles their corporate identity. The seamless Floorkote 500 epoxy floor coating, which comes in a wide range of colours, allowed their office to stand out while maintaining a safe & clean work environment.

Floorkote 500-Dritech CHemicals-Carsome Melaka
Floorkote 500 used in Carsome Melaka Inspection Centre office
Floorkote 500 Carsome Melaka
Floorkote 500 in telegrey & yellow was used to provide a seamless floor finish
Floorkote 500 (Telegrey & Yellow)
Walls & floors are able to be matched in the same colour theme to create an identity for Carsome’s office in Melaka.
Floorkote 500 - Dritech Chemicals
Floorkote 500 in Telegrey for pantry floors.

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