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Dri-Floor WB-1280, water-based epoxy flooring with a semi-gloss finish, is an simple, quick & effective solution for resinous flooring installation. Its easy application allows the job to completed quickly, reducing the operational downtime at manufacturing/processing plants. Being a water-based resin, Dri-Floor WB-1280 is solvent-free, odourless and has low VOC. Jishan Pack Sdn. Bhd. in Penang uses Dri-Floor WB-1280 for their flooring solution.

Dri-Floor WB-1200
Application of Dri-Floor WB-1280 can be done using a roller (Location: Jishan Pack Sdn. Bhd.)
Dri-Floor WB-1200 - Dritech Chemicals
Dri-Floor WB-1280 comes in a variety of colours. The photo above uses Dri-Floor WB-1280 in the popular Telegrey colour.
Dri-Floor WB-1200 - Water-based Epoxy
A seamless floor finish made possible by Dri-Floor WB-1280.

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  1. I’m interested for odourless epoxy coating of floor. My factory is food manufacturing at Perai, Penang. Please contact me so that we can discuss further and site visit.

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