Kawan Food – Epoxy Flooring

Dritech Chemicals supplied solvent-free epoxy flooring systems for Kawan Food Bhd’s new manufacturing facility in Pulau Indah, Klang. Kawan Food required a seamless epoxy flooring system that does not emit VOCs and odour, to prevent VOCs from travelling to their food processing floor. Dritech was able to meet this requirement with our solvent-free Dri-Floor epoxy systems.

After suitable substrate preparations, Dri-Floor EP 1000 was used as a primer prior to the installation of the resinous flooring system. Floors which require re-profiling were treated with Dri-Floor MT 1100 epoxy mortar, before the application of Dri-Floor EP 1300. Application areas include M&E rooms, office rooms, corridors and stairways.

Dri-Floor EP system - DCSB
Dri-Floor EP system in dark grey for Kawan Food.
Stairways coated with Dri-Floor EP system.
Special care was taken during the installation of Dri-Floor EP system in the M&E room to prevent dusting in the room, which may trigger alarms.
Dri-Floor EP Grey
Corridors were also coated with Dri-Floor EP system.
All floors were installed with an upturn of 100mm to the walls.


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