KM Animal Clinic and Surgery

Veterinary clinics require a durable flooring system that is hygienic, moisture proof and non-porous. This is exceptionally important for easy cleaning & to prevent the growth of bacteria.

For KM Animal Clinic & Surgery Sdn Bhd, Dritech Chemicals has supplied a high performance polyurethane screed flooring system, Dri-Floor PU 2000, followed by an aliphatic PU top coat, Dri-Floor UV 9000. The walls were also painted with a water-based epoxy, Dri-Floor WB 1200, in white colour. The result is a seamless and hygienic space for the well-being of the animals.

Dritech_Chemicals-KM Vet Clinic-Before & After1
Before & after pictures of KM Animal & Surgery Clinic (using Dri-Floor system).
Dri-Floor_KM Vet_Dritech Chemicals6
Walls painted with Dri-Floor WB 1200, water-based epoxy coating before preparation of the floor substrate.


Dri-Floor_KM Vet_Dritech Chemicals1
Application of Dri-Floor EP 1000 primer, followed by a scratch coat of Dri-Floor PU 2000.


Dri-Floor_KM Vet_Dritech Chemicals3
Covings installed at the perimeters to prevent bacteria or insects from hiding at these corners.


Dri-Floor_KM Vet_Dritech Chemicals2
Application of Dri-Floor UV 9000 (PU top coat).
Final floor finish at KM Vet.
Final floor finish at KM Vet.
Dri-Floor_KM Vet_Dritech Chemicals4
Dri-Floor PU System – Seamless, hygienic floor finish.








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