Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Dritech supplied a variety of solutions to the refurbishment of MOKL hotel. Super Lastic S-800, SIRIM certified PU modified waterproofing, was used to protect the hotel’s pool area from leakages. The waterproofing system was further reinforced with Super Fibre R225, chopped strand reinforcement mat. Besides that, Dri-Poxy EP-178 was also used for the swimming pool tile grout due to its superior resistance against stains, chemicals and efflorescence. The Dri-Floor AC-288 anti-slip sports floor coating was also used at the hotel’s external tennis court.

Dri-Poxy EP 178 - MOKL swimming pool Tile Grout - Dritech
Dri-Poxy EP-178, epoxy tile grout used at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel swimming pool
Dri-Poxy EP 178 - MOKL Tile Grout - Dritech
Grouting swimming pool mosaics with Dri-Poxy EP-178 reduces long-term risk of efflorescence
Super Lastic S-800 re-inforced with Super Fibre R225 (chopped strand reinforcement mat)
Dritech Super Lastic S-800 & Super Fibre R-225 (Close-Up)
Super Lastic S-800 re-inforced with Super Fibre R225 (chopped strand reinforcement mat)
Super Lastic S-800 - Dritech Waterproofing
Dritech’s waterproofing system at MOKL – Super Lastic S-800 & Super Fibre R225
Dri-Floor AC-288 Sports Floor Coating - MOKL
Dri-Floor AC-288, anti-slip sports floor coating for MOKL tennis court
Dri-Floor AC-288 - MOKL Tennis Court
Dri-Floor AC-288 is UV-resistant, making it suitable to be applied in both internal and external sports areas.
Dri-Floor AC-288 - Application - MOKL
Dri-Floor AC-288 is easily applied by squeegee or rollers. It is water-based with low VOC.

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