MBI 33

Dritech has supplied Dri-Gard PW-200, potable water epoxy coating, for the water tanks at MBI 33, Serendah. Dri-Gard PW-200 comes in a variety of colours, which allowed us to meet the requirements of the project’s client to have a customized green coloured coating for their water tanks. Application of the coating can be done easily by roller, brush or spray.

Dri-Gard PW200 - Dritech - MBI Serendah
Dri-Gard PW-200 used in MBI 33 @ Serendah as a potable water tank epoxy coating. It is easily applied by brush or roller.
Dri-Gard PW-200 - Dritech
Mixing of Dri-Gard PW-200 in green, by Dritech Chemicals.
Dri-Gard Pw-200 - Dritech Potable Water Epoxy
Dri-Gard PW-200, potable water epoxy coating, can be easily applied by brush.
Dri-Gard PW-200 - Potable Water Epoxy - Dritech
Potable water tank coated with Dri-Gard PW-200.

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