Ong Kim Wee Residence

Dritech’s Super Primer F-1 is a bonding agent for enhancing the bond between plastering mortars and its substrate. Super Primer F-1 was applied on concrete shear walls at Ong Kim Wee Residence in Melaka. It was used to prevent “hollow” or de-bonding plaster walls by improving its adhesion to these shear walls.

Super Primer F-1 Stirring
Super Primer F-1 is stirred before usage to ensure that the special blend of quartz inside are homogeneously distributed.
Dritech_Super Primer F-1_Ong Kim Wee
Application of Super Primer F-1 at Ong Kim Wee Residence using a roller.
Super Primer F-1 Dritech
Super Primer F-1 was specially designed to be pink in colour, so that it would be easy to ensure all walls have full coverage.

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