Pagoh University

Cracks in structures are always undesirable, especially if they allow water leakages into the building. However, this can be easily treated with Dri-Tape J-50, a waterproofing butyl fleece tape. Its self-adhesive feature allows installation to be done easily without the need of adhesives or additional products.

At Pagoh University, defects were treated with both Dri-Tape J-50 & crack injections.

Dri-Tape J-50: Pagoh Unviersity
Dri-Tape J-50 is a pressure sensitive tape – the harder it is applied, the better its bonding to the substrate.
Dri-Tape J-50: Pagoh University
A silicone roller can be used to ensure Dri-Tape J-50 is bonded securely to the substrate.

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