Perkeso @ Kuala Terengganu

Dritech Chemicals is a manufacturer of a wide range of protective coatings that are suitable to be used in external areas that are subjected to UV exposure. Dri-Gard UV 920 is a coloured aliphatic polyurethane coating that is suitable to be applied on a wide range of substrates. For the Perkeso @ Kuala Terengganu, it was directly applied over metal roofing and polyurea-treated areas. The coating was also tinted by Dritech Chemicals to an iconic blue to match the organisation’s brand identity.

Dri-Gard UV 920 - Perkeso K.Terengganu
Dri-Gard UV 920 can be applied by spray for external areas, such as roofs.
Dri-Gard UV-920 - Dritech
Aliphatic polyurethane coating, Dri-Gard UV-920, is UV-resistant and colour stable.
Dri-Gard UV-920 (Spray)
Dri-Gard UV-920 is easily applied by spray.
Roof coating - Dri-Gard UV 920 - Dritech
The coating was tinted to suit Perkeso’s organisation brand identity.
Perkeso Kuala Terengganu - Dri-Gard UV 920 (Dritech)
Dri-Gard UV-920 can be applied on various substrates, including metal roofs.

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