Petronas RAPID Pengerang

Dritech Chemicals has supplied a high performance coating solution to protect 55,000 sqft. of structures at Petronas RAPID, Pengerang. In order to protect these structures from harsh chemicals & high salt content solutions, Dri-Gard TZ 300 was used as a priming & base coat, followed by Dri-Gard EP 1800 (Epoxy Novolac coating) as a top coat.

Dri-Gard TZ 300 is a two-part, solvent free epoxy protective coating that functions as both a primer and base coat, while Dri-Gard EP 1800 is a high performance, chemical resistant epoxy novolac coating. Epoxy novolac is famous for its high chemical resistance, and is able to protect structures against against extremely harsh chemicals such as 98% sulphuric acid. The whole Dri-Gard coating system used in this project has excellent abrasion resistance and adhesion strength to concrete, mild steel, and other substrates, making it suitable to be used for various types of structures.

The installation of the Dri-Gard coating system for this project was completed via spray application – allowing the project to be completed within the time frame required.

Dritech Chemicals Project Reference
Preparing the substrate prior to the installation of Dri-Gard coatings
Dri-Gard TZ300 - Petronas RAPID Pengerang
Dri-Gard TZ 300 was applied as a priming & base coat.
Dri-Gard TZ 300 - Pengerang RAPID Petronas
Application Dri-Gard TZ 300 on walls were completed first prior to the application on floors.
Dri-Gard EP 1800 Epoxy Novolac Coating
Dri-Gard EP 1800, a high performance Epoxy Novolac coating, was applied as a top coat to complete the whole coating system.

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