Super Primer F-1


One-component, specifically design acrylic based primer. Multi-functional primer / water resistant sealer/ key coat to enhance bonding between various substrates such as plaster, renders, spray tiles, brick works, concrete, etc.
SUPER PRIMER F1 can act as a water barrier & a bonding agent on shear walls, concrete walls, etc.


  • Eco-friendly with Low VOC / Non-toxic formulation
  • Water resistant
  • Enhance bonding between concrete & plasters
  • Reduces hollowness
  • Reduces risk of plasters cracks
  • Chemically & mechanically bonds subsequent plasters to concrete substrates


  • Concrete Walls
  • Shear walls
  • Floor screeds
  • Exterior/interior wall plasters
  • Lightweight blocks primer
  • Cement/Gypsum board primer
  • Primer for spray tiles, brick works
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