Dri-Floor EP-1000


DRI-FLOOR EP 1000 is a 2-part, solvent free epoxy resin with very good adhesion onto mineral substrates. It may be used to prime substrates such as concrete substrates, cement screeds and epoxy mortars. It may be filled with mineral aggregates and produces high strength mortars.  



  • Very good adhesion on mineral substrates
  • Can be highly filled with mineral aggregates
  • Produces high strength mortars with resistances to rolling and abrasive loadings
  • High chemical resistance



  •  Primer on mineral based substrates prior to application of solvent-free coatings and screeds
  • Binding resin or epoxy resin scratch coats
  • Bonding coat for epoxy resin screeds and mortars
  • Production of light duty and heavy duty resin screed systems

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