Super Fibre R100


Super Fibre R100 is a chopped strand glass fiber mat that is sutable to be used as a reinforcement mat with Dritech's liquid applied membranes. It consists of randomly oriented fibers that allowt he mat to have maximum tensile strength in all directions, without affecting its elastomeric properties. 


  • Suitable to be used with Dritech's liquid applied membranes
  • Increases tensile strength of waterproofing membranes and protective coatings
  • Quick application
  • Easily moulded around surface details
  • Enhances crack bridging

  • Waterproofing on flat roofs, balconies, terraces, etc. 
  • Total or partial waterproofing reinforcement
  • New or refurnisment projects
  • Repair of old waterproofing membranes

Packaging: 1.04m x 211m

Origin: Chopped strand fiber (emulsion binder)

Density: 100 gsm

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