Super Fibre R45


Super Fibre R45 is a fiberglass tissue mat with added yarn reinforcement for higher strength. It is suitable to be used as a crack-bridging reinforcement with Dritech's Stucco range, Super Latic range, Dri-Floor range, Dri-Gard range, and more. 

  • Suitable to be used with Dritech's range of repair, waterproofing or flooring systems
  • Increases tensile strength 
  • Quick application
  • Easily moulded around surface details
  • Enhances crack-bridging properties

  • Sports floor systems
  • Acrylic floor systems
  • Challenging wall crack repairs
  • Total or partial waterproofing reinforcement
  • New or refurbishment projects
  • Repair of old waterproofing membranes

Packaging: 1m x 200m

Origin: Fiberglass tissue mat

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