Dri-Tape J-50


Dri-Tape J-50 is a self-adhesive sealing tape with butyl rubber compound laminated by a polypropylene fleece. It is specifically designed to adhere to most substrates and the PP fleece finish allows subsequent compounds/coatings, such as cement-based tile adhesive, waterproofing compounds, acrylics or PU materials, to adhere over it. 


  • Peel-and-stick application
  • Ultra-high bond / elastic properties designed for superior crack-bridging
  • Easy application to minimize site errors
  • Versatile and adheres to various substrates

  • Wet area joint details
  • Toilet details
  • Precast panel joints
  • Metal & concrete joints
  • RC flat roof joints
  • Wet area joints
  • Pipe outlet joint details
  • Metal roof joint details

Packaging: 100mm(W) x 10m(L)

Origin: Butyl Rubber Compound with PP Fleece

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