Dri-Floor AC-288


DRI-FLOOR AC-288 is a one-component, premium grade waterborne antislip acrylic floor coating coating. It is formulated to resist fading and withstand harsh tropical weathering and ultraviolet rays. DRI-FLOOR AC-288 provides a consistent surface and texture, and is an extremely easy-to-apply anti-slip floor coating
Available in many conventional as well as modern vibrant shades.



  • Eco-friendly with Low VOC / Non-toxic formulation
  • UV-Resistant, low odor, does not contain mineral solvents.
  • Tough, durable & clean finish
  • Easily washed & maintained
  • High color retention
  • No added lead or mercury
  • Easy application to minimize site application errors
  • Excellent dirt resistance


  • Fire escape route
  • Corridors
  • Walkways
  • Back of the house areas
  • Pavements
  • Internal external floor surfaces
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