Dri-Gard MP-10


DRI-GARD MP-10 primer for galvanized surfaces is a self-curing polyvinyl butyral based primer, incorporating zinc tetroxy chromate or iron oxide and other corrosion inhibiting pigments. It is designed for use as a pre-treatment primer for galvanized surfaces and light metals. It can also be used as a shop primer for marine and structural steelwork.




  •  Excellent adhesion to zinc and light metals
  • Rapid drying
  • Outstanding etching effect on zinc and aluminium
  • Passivates & pre-treats galvanized surfaces for subsequent paint applications
  • Does not impede welding operations
  • Heat resistance up to 150oC
  • May be top-coated with many types of coatings (e.g. alkyds, epoxy, PU, vinyl coatings, chlorinated rubber)


  • Galvanized surfaces
  • Light metals
  • Steel surfaces
  • Marine and structural steelworks
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