Dri-Poxy EP 178


2-component, epoxy adhesive and repair mortar. Specifically designed to bond to most substrates such as concrete, stones, steel, iron, epoxy, glass, wood, polyester, fiber cement board, etc. Commonly used as to patch up blowholes/pinholes and patching mortar for crack sealing, precast concrete edge repair works or concrete repairs, fixing slip bricks, tiles or tiles pointings.
DRI-POXY EP 178 can be used with metal, HDPE, EDPM, concrete, ceramic, porcelain, mosaics, quarry tiles, acid-resistant floor bricks, pavers and naturalstone tile



  • Reactive resin tile adhesive & tile grout
  • Reduces risk of efflorescence
  • Water-cleanable
  • Non-sagging
  • Stain & chemical resistant
  • High bond strength & Tensile strength
  • Suitable to be used on damp substrates

  • Concrete, steel, glass
  • Tiling on metal substrates
  • Areas with chemical resistance requirements
  • Countertops, vanities, laboratory table tops
  • High traffic areas
  • Toilets & bathrooms
  • Bridge joints
  • Shopping malls, airport terminal buildings
  • Crack sealing/patchin
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