Dri-Patch UA-85


2-component, coarse underwater epoxy adhesive and repair mortar that is specifically designed to bond to most substrates such as concrete, stones, steel, iron, epoxy, glass, wood, polyester, fiber cement board, etc. Commonly used as a structural adhesive and mortar for sea walls refurbishments, submerge steel works or concrete repairs, fixing slip bricks, tiles or tiles pointings.



  • Underwater application
  • Easy to mix & apply 
  • Ultra-high bond, no sag in vertical application, & hardens without shrinkage
  • Impermeable to liquids & water vapor with goodchemical resistance
  • No primer needed
  • Fast curing
  • High initial & ultimate mechanical strength

          Used as adhesive & mortar for:

  • Concrete elements
  • Natural stones, ceramic, fiber cement, bricks, masonry
  • Steel, iron, aluminum
  • Glass, tiles
  • Polyester, epoxy substrate
  • Patching of holes, void filling
  • Joint filling & crack sealing
  • Joint & crack edge repai
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