Stucco-Repair 1000


STUCCO-REPAIR 1000 is a ready-to-use, water-based acrylic stucco, suitable for aesthetical repairs, such as hairline cracks, resurface blemishes, rough areas and small holes, at both internal and external areas. It is water resistant and has excellent resistance to hairline cracking, flaking and chalking.
Application is quick and efficient and a trowel skim appearance is easily achievable. Due to its alkaline resistance, finishing paints can be directly painted on STUCCO-REPAIR 1000.




  • Eco-friendly with Low VOC / Non-toxic formulation
  • Excellent resistance to hairline cracking, flaking and chalking. 
  • Water resistant
  • Quick and easy application
  • Alkaline resistant
  • Increase aesthetical value



  • Plasters
  • Skim coat hairline cracks
  • Resurface blemishes
  • Surficial cracks
  • Rough areas 
  • Small holes in cement rendered surfaces
  • Interior & exterior walls
  • Overhead applications

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