DRI-POXY INJECT 53 is a 2-component, low viscosity, solvent-free epoxy injection epoxy resin with excellent adhesion to all types of substrates, including concrete, mortar, stone, wood and steel. DRI-POXY INJECT 53 may be used to fill and seal cracks/voids in various structures, such as columns, beams, foundations, floors, walls, water retaining structures, bridges, and so on.


  • Solvent-free
  • High strength
  • Suitable to be used in dry & damp conditions
  • No shrinkage upon curing
  • High mechanical & adhesion strength
  • Low viscosity
  • Injectable with single component pumps

  • Void filling & crack sealing
  • Construction (non-movement) joint sealing
  • Bridges
  • Industrial & residential buildings
  • Foundation
  • Columns & beams
  • Floors & walls
  • Water structures 
  • Structures made of concrete, mortar, stone, wood or steel
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