Dri-Patch CM-50


2-component, polymer modified mortar adhesive and repair mortar. Specifically designed to have a balance between flexibility & mechanical strength with higher bonding strength compared to standard patch repair mortars. Commonly used as to patch up blowholes/pinholes and patching mortar reservoir resurfacing mortar, precast concrete edge repair works or concrete repairs, thin layer surface re-profilling mortar, tilling, fixing slip bricks, tiles or tiles pointings.




  • Damp/Dry application
  • Easy to mix & apply
  • Moisture tolerant & flexible
  • Ultra-high bond strength
  • Protective coating
  • Water resistant
  • Fast curing
  • Good mechanical strength

  • Surface honeycomb or patch repair mortar
  • Resurfacing mortar for reservoir
  • Tile on tile application
  • Tile/EIFS/ cement fibre board adhesives
  • Patching of holes, void filling
  • Joint filling & crack sealing
  • Joint & crack edge repair


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